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  • HR-7

    HR type Rotary Blowers

    Capacities from 30 to 39,000 m3/hr
  • RBTM-sand

    HRBV type Vehicle Blowers

    Capacities from 220 to 2,300 m3/hr
  • HV

    High Vaccuum Boosters

    Gross displacements to 13,000 m3/hr
  • oil-rbtm

    New oil-lube HRBV Blower

    For higher temperature environments
  • trilobe

    Scirocco trilobe blowers

     Designed for high efficiency, low noise
  • spares-repairs

    Service and repairs

     Full refurb and reconditioning service
  • HR23 package

    Standard blower packages

     With or without acoustic chamber
  • pressure relief valve new

    Pressure air recirculating valves

     Protect your blower from blockages

Manufacturers and suppliers of Holmes Roots type, positive displacement blowers

HR Blowers manufacture and supply a range of industrial air blowers and vacuum booster pumps in a wide range of sizes to suit most customer applications. Our product range includes:

  • HR type rotary blowers
  • Tri-lobe type blowers
  • HRBV type vehicle (truck) blowers
  • HV type vacuum boosters

High precision manufacturing

Our high precision manufacturing facilities enable us to produce components to very tight tolerances, leading to low "slip" and very high blower operating efficiency. Slip is used to quantify the amount of air which leaks back between the impellers and other components of the blower (expressed as the rpm required to compensate for the leakage). Together, high efficiency and the proven reliability of our blowers equates to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than most of our competitors.

Globally renowned

We supply to clients worldwide. Over sixty percent of our production is exported to markets including for example Canada, Russia and India.

Ex-stock or very short lead times

Most of our blowers are available ex-stock or on very short lead times. If you need a blower quickly, call us - we can usually help out.

Video gallery

  video 2

SolidWorks animation showing the construction and operation of one our HR range of blowers.

  video 1

HR Size 7 Blower, one of the positive displacement blowers by HR Blowers, being bored on our Scharmann 525 horizontal borer.

ESOS is coming - are you ready? We can carry out an energy survey on your blower systems and suggest upgrades to meet your ESOS obligations and save you money now.

Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse Thumbnail

HR Blowers MD Martin Adams attends the Northern Powerhouse reception.

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New pressure air recirculating relief valves

Pressure Relief Valves

HR Blowers has just launched a new range of pressure air recirculating relief valves.

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Minister visits HR Blowers

MPs Visit

HR Blowers receive a visit from Minister Matthew Hancock and local MP Jason McCartney.

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