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Pneumatic conveying system design

From the Silo to the production line we provide the most energy efficient system.
Our engineers can provide a full design, testing and optimisation service for your pneumatic conveying systems.

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Complete pneumatic conveying systems based on our reliable high performance range of blowers (or the most efficient air mover to suit the system).From the blower package and material entrainment to pipeline design and material/air separation we can spec the ideal system for you.


Conveying system optimisation. Pairing the blower to the system is critical for efficiency and can easily make 50% savings on energy consumption. Our knowledge of air movers gives us an invaluable advantage over our competition. Our engineers are available for site visits and reports.

pneumatic conveying shot1100kW = €60,000 per annum was saved for a Portuguese 
customer after a simple site visit with the recommendations on 
how to save even more with some simple design changes can
be seen on our news story here.


Pneumatic conveying tests using our state of the art lean phase conveying test facility. 

Material characterisation

Conduct material characterisation analysis in our facility from size analysis, degradation trials, explosion tests all the way up to conveying trails to attain values for pressure drop, bend wear and minimum conveying velocity for the material. 


If you are experiencing system problems, such as excessive noise levels our engineers are available for site visits.

Our engineers have experience with a wide range of products and applications within bulk solids handling, including:

  • Animal Feed Production
  • Ash Conveying
  • Alternative Fuel Plants
  • Bakeries
  • Cereal Plants
  • Cement and Plaster Manufacturing
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Cement and plaster manufacturing
  • Coal power plants
  • Plastic compound manufacture
  • Blower film applications
  • Primary furnace air
  • Synthetic wood production
  • Waste water and effluent water treatment works
  • Within central vacuum plants
  • Wood chip conveying

Contact us to find out more about our pneumatic conveying package design service.