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Trinado (Scirocco) Tri-lobe blowers

trilobeTrinado (Scirocco) Tri-lobe designed for higher efficiency and reduced noise levels

The Trinado (Scirocco) Tri-lobe is a robust and heavy duty tri-lobe blower that is designed for a long and reliable working life with ease of maintenance. It is a development of the previous XLP range of tri-lobe blowers having exactly the same footprint as the XLP but incorporating a simplified and more efficient shaft sealing arrangement that significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

The proven design of the three lobe impeller gives lower noise levels and reduces the pulsation effect. The conservative load carrying capacity of the bearings ensures an extended operating life and the timing gear life is extended by the controlled lubrication system. The slow taper mounting of the gears onto the drive shafts eliminates the need for a keyway. This enables simple setting of the timing and gives added strength to the impeller shafts.

Specification summary:

  • Lower in-pipe pulsation and noise levels
  • Based on proven designs
  • Oil lubricated at both ends
  • Smooth running, longer life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Guaranteed oil-free delivered air (since no internal lubrication is necessary)
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options, provide maximum flexibility and reduce installtion costs
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise drive shaft rotation


  • Cylinder and headplates manufactured from cast iron
  • Dynamically balanced ductile iron impellers have integral shafts for the smaller blowers and steel stub shafts on the larger sizes
  • Bearings are spherical roller type, generously proportioned to give long operational life
  • Parallel roller bearings at the gear end, splash lubricated by oil from the gears
  • Timing gears are hardened and precision ground spur gears, manufactured from high-grade alloy steel

Sizes and capacities

Model no. Range M3/HR    Data sheet
Trilobe N 355 - 2033 Download data sheet (PDF)
Trilobe 1 729 - 3324 Download data sheet (PDF)
Trilobe 2 1047 - 5451 Download data sheet (PDF)
Trilobe 3 1598 - 8244 Download data sheet (PDF)
Trilobe 4 3178 - 14205 Download data sheet (PDF)



  • Water and sewage treatment (Aeration, air scour, biological and mixing processes)
  • Material handling (Lean and medium phase conveying, fluidisation and blending processes)
  • Soil remediation (Solvent and contaminant removal)
  • General industrial (petrochemical, chemical and industrial processes)

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