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Other Products

Often it can be problematic ordering spares from other blower manufactures. HR Blowers offer a service to procure Blowers/Spares for the following manufactures:

  • Aerzen
  • Howden Blower
  • Hick Hargreaves Blower
  • Dresser Rand Blower
  • Donkin Blower
  • DVJ series blowers
  • DPJ series blowers
  • Hadron Blower
  • Kaeser Blower
  • Tuthill Blower
  • RCS Series Blowers
  • Roots Systems Blower
  • Roots Truck Mounted Blowers
  • Ram-X Blower
  • URAI Blower
  • Universal RAJ Blowers
  • MB Air Systems
  • IBS

We also provide DMN Westing House Rotary Valves, Diverter Valves and Morris couplings. Also available are Process Link Flexible Connections, Vibratory Feeders, Inflatable Seals, Membrane Slide Valves, Packing/Filling Stations, FIBC Filling and Discharge stations, Linkbin Powder Systems.