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Blower Protection Valves (Blower Safety Valve)

A range of pressure air recirculating valves (sometimes referred to as Blower Relief Valves), designed to protect your blower against excessive back pressure, which can cause overheating, reduced performance and service life.

pressure relief valveProlonged periods operating at over 1 bar (15 psi), for example due to a downstream blockage in a pneumatic conveying system, can lead to overheating of the blower, leading to accelerated rotor wear and in some cases catastrophic failure.

Our new valve range has been redesigned to be compact, and uses fewer components for improved reliability and cost efficiency. Our Blower protection valves (Blower Safety Valves) are available with factory pre-set relief pressures (see below), but we can provide valves set to your specification if required. Valves are normally available from stock.


  • Aluminium tube casing
  • Brass valve bell
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Zinc plated mild steel spring

Sizes and connections

Nominal diameter  Connection*   Typical Capacity
m3/hr at 500mbg
Typical Capacity
m3/hr at 1000mbg
Blower application 
80mm 3" BSP 850 1100   HRBV, HR Size 10 & 11
100mm 4" BSP 1300 1700  HR Size 12, 13, 20 & 21
125mm 5" BSP 2000 2700  HR Size 22, 23 & 31
150mm 6" BSP 2900 3800  HR Size 32, 33, 41, 42 & 43

*Optional BS404: NP10 flange connection available to order.

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Valves for HRBV (RBTM) truck mount blowers

We supply the 80 mm valve for our HRBV blowers with a factory pre-set relief pressure of up to 1240 mbar or to your specification. A 3" to 2" BSP adaptor may also be required for this application.

Valves for HR Rotary lobe blowers

The valve size required will vary with the blower size (see table above). Factory pre-set relief pressures of up to 1140 mbar are available, as required.

Vacuum relief valves

Coming soon: We will soon be able to supply relief valves for use with our high vacuum range of blowers.